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12v38ah battery
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Electric power battery 7AH12V specification, battery use, battery capacity, battery price consultation telephone: 18923230793

label: Driving powers battery 12v38ah

Battery Product Name:

Driving powers Lead acid battery 12V38AH

1、 Product parameters:

Rated voltage (V): 12V

Rated capacity (ah): 38.0

Discharge time (HR): 20 hours

Overall dimension (mm): 197 in length, 165 in width, 170 in height and 170 in total height

Terminal type: M1

Driving force lead acid battery 12v38ah



Driving powers


Fixed battery

Battery cover and exhaust bolt structure

Valve controlled sealed battery

Chemical types

Lead acid battery

State of charge

Maintenance free battery




12:38 am

Rated capacity


External dimension


Product certification


Scope of application

UPS battery

2、 Product features:

Maintenance free: The unique gas recombination technology (gas recombination) does not need to add water or sulfuric acid regularly, and there is no need to replenish liquid for the whole life cycle.

Safety: A safety valve (VRLA) which can be opened and closed automatically is used to prevent the external gas from being sucked into the battery and damaging the battery performance. At the same time, it can prevent the abnormal internal pressure caused by the gas generated by charging and so on. There will be no electrolyte and acid mist discharged from sealed battery under normal floating charge state, which is harmless to human body.

Arbitrary directionality Special separator (AGM) firmly adsorbs the electrolyte so that it doesn't flow. The battery can work normally in cubic or horizontal position.

Long life At 20 ℃, the floating charge life of FM series battery and GFM series battery can reach 3-5 years and 10-15 years respectively.

Low self discharge rate Using high quality Pb Ca alloy, the hydrogen precipitation point is increased and the self discharge rate of the battery is reduced. The battery can be used in 6 months without charging at 20 ℃.

Strong applicability It can be used in the environment temperature of - 20 ℃ - + 50 ℃. It can be used as a special power supply for explosion-proof, and suitable for desert and plateau climate. Convenient and economical: no acid proof and anti-corrosion measures are needed for the storage battery, which can be in the same room as the electronic equipment.

3、 Discharge curve

 Discharge curve of driving battery 12v38ah

4、 Application range:

■ uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

■ emergency lighting

Standby power supply for aviation and ships

■ communication power supply

Scientific research instruments and medical equipment

Solar energy and wind energy storage system

■ railway locomotive and communication

■ fire protection, alarm and anti-theft system

5、 Installation and maintenance instructions:

one Battery It can be installed vertically like a conventional battery or horizontally

2. The battery should be away from the heat source and the place easy to produce sparks, and should be kept away from direct sunlight and in the environment with a large amount of organic solvent gas and corrosive gas. The safety distance should be greater than 0.5m.

3. The battery room shall be equipped with necessary ventilation and lighting facilities to avoid installation in closed equipment or containers. The battery spacing should be more than 3cm.

4. All batteries are charged and delivered from the factory. Avoid short circuit during transportation and installation; do not touch the pole during handling.

5. For the installation of battery pack, due to the high voltage of components, insulation tools and insulating gloves should be used during handling, installation and maintenance to prevent electric shock.

6. Before the battery is installed and connected, brush the pole striking terminal with a fine wire steel brush until the metal luster appears, and keep the connection clean. The bolts should be tightened during connection to prevent battery ignition caused by poor contact. Specified torque: 4.4n.m for batteries below 50ah and 10.9n.m for batteries above 50ah

When connecting the battery, the connecting cable should be as short as possible to prevent excessive voltage drop.

7. Do not mix the new and old batteries with different capacity and performance. Before installing the terminal connector and conducting the battery system, carefully check the total voltage, positive and negative pole of the battery system to ensure the correct installation.

8. When the battery is connected with the charger or load, the circuit switch should be in the "off" position and the connection should be correct. The positive pole of the battery should be connected with the positive pole of the charger, and the negative pole should be connected with the negative pole.

9. Please do not wipe the battery with organic solvent. In case of fire, tetrachloro carbon fire extinguisher can be used.

The battery should be stored at 20 ℃ and 10 ℃ before installation. The storage period should not be more than 6 months from the production period of the battery, otherwise supplementary power should be provided.

The service life of the battery can be obtained at the ambient temperature of - 10 ℃ at --- 20 ℃.

12. Do not increase or reduce the load of some batteries in the battery separately, such as the middle tap used in series for other power supply.

When the battery is used, overcharge and over discharge should be avoided, otherwise the service life of the battery will be affected.

13. After the battery is installed and before it is put into use, it needs to be recharged or balanced charged. The battery should be charged immediately after discharge. When the floating charge voltage of the battery is lower than 2.20v/cell, the battery should be charged evenly. The best charging current limiting value is 0.1 -- 0.2c10 (a)

The load-bearing capacity of the floor and the battery should be considered according to the building drawings

14. The floating charge voltage of the battery refers to the charging voltage value under the ambient temperature of 25 ℃. When the temperature difference exceeds 10, the floating charge voltage must be corrected, otherwise the battery will be damaged. When the ambient temperature is increased by 1 ℃, the voltage should be reduced by 0.003v/cell; on the contrary, the floating charge voltage should be increased by 0.003v/cell

When the load variation range is 0-100%, the charging equipment should reach 1% voltage stabilization accuracy.

15. At least once a year, check whether the battery connection is loose and adjust it in time. The battery (Group) in operation shall not be disassembled, installed, adjusted or loosened to prevent ignition.

16. It is recommended to run the battery at full load once a year and make a record of the battery action.

17. During the operation of the battery, if the following abnormalities are found: abnormal floating charge voltage / crack, leakage or deformation / abnormal temperature, etc., the cause of the fault should be found and replaced immediately.